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Editorial Services



As an editor and grammarian, I help polish words to diamond brilliance. With my attentive eye toward detail, I'm well-versed in hunting down spelling errors, catching and correcting redundancies, and eradicating those pesky dangling modifiers.

I specialize in both line editing and copy editing/proofreading. I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers' Association and Editors of Earth.

Line Editing ($.01/word): I’ll perform a comprehensive line edit of your manuscript to improve sentence structure and clarity, word selection, plot development, and dialogue.

Copy Editing/Proofreading ($.005/word): I evaluate for grammar, spelling, repetitive wording, syntax and punctuation, and make suggestions for revisions, when appropriate.

I can't speak highly enough to Shaylin's skill as an editor. Her edits were spot on, thorough, and brought about major improvements in my overall story. The copy edits caught multiple issues, and I learned more than a few things about editing and proper sentence structure. She doesn't simply correct mistakes, she explains in detail what she's caught and how to avoid repeating those same mistakes in the future. Shaylin's edits turned a mess of a draft into something I feel confident querying.


—Dorothy P.

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