So you've finished that all-encompassing first draft.  Finally, all the blood, sweat and tears have paid off, and you've gleefully typed "The End". You're done! Right?

Well, not quite. These days, the literary market is getting more and more competitive, and agents and publishers have to wade through an ever-increasing deluge of submissions. Given the sheer volume, simple errorsfrom misspellings to poor punctuation to awkward syntaxcan provide a basis for rejection, even if your story would otherwise shine.

That's where I come in. As an editor and grammarian, I'll help polish your words to diamond brilliance, so your work has the best possible chance of making the cut. With my attentive eye toward detail, I'm well-versed in hunting down spelling errors, catching and correcting redundancies, and eradicating those pesky dangling modifiers.

Ready to get started? First, let's determine what kind of editing you want.


This is the most intensive type of editing, and often precedes a copy edit. I provide suggestions on characterization and dialogue, proper pacing, consistency, plot holes and flow. In a developmental edit, everything that makes your story compelling is evaluated thoroughly. Editing is performed using Microsoft Word Track Changes. That way, you can review every suggestion I make and decide for yourself whether to use it (this is, after all, your baby).

Copy Editing

Once you've nailed down your story, a thorough copy edit and proofread is the last step before sending it out. Here, I'll evaluate for grammar, spelling, repetitive wording, syntax and punctuation, and make suggestions for revisions when appropriate. Like a developmental edit, copy editing is performed using Microsoft Word Track Changes. You'll be able to see every suggestion I make before deciding whether to accept or reject the change.

Book Evaluation

On a budget, or just want to know how your story comes across? In addition to editing, I also offer manuscript evaluations. These don't involve line-by-line changes, but instead provide general feedback on your novel's structural strengths and weaknesses. I also analyze the writing itself and look for areas that need work. After a thorough read-through of your manuscript, I provide a 4-8 page document detailing my feedback, impressions and recommendations. You're also welcome to provide me with specific questions in advance, and I'll read with an eye toward those.

Have a question? Want to see if we'd work well together?

I cannot speak highly enough to Shaylin's skill as an editor. Her developmental edits were spot on, thorough, and brought about major improvements in my overall story. The copy edits caught multiple issues, and I learned more than a few things about editing and proper sentence structure. She doesn't simply correct mistakes, she explains in detail what she's caught and how to avoid repeating those same mistakes in the future. Shaylin's edits turned a mess of a draft into something I feel confident querying.

                                                                                  —Dorothy P.

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