Wild world.

Wilder women.


1898: After fleeing heartbreak, circus sharpshooter Sophia lands work in a Yukon brothel, where the warmth of a newfound sisterhood thaws her icy heart. But then she clashes with the local reverend, whose angel face hides a dangerously devious mind. Determined to preserve her newfound freedom—and ignore the Reverend’s devastating kissing in the process—Sophia must unholster her revolvers and take aim in order to keep her new life in one piece.

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Shaylin Gandhi

At age ten, Shaylin secretly stole her mother’s copy of Clan of the Cave Bear and fell madly in love with love stories. Now, as an author, she still can't get enough—the tales she spins all center around affairs of the heart. To her, that's what makes a story truly worth telling.

In addition to writing, Shaylin practices medicine, scuba dives, plays the piano, and once rode her bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. She lives in Denver with her incredible husband, their identical twin daughters, and two adorable rescue dogs. The family can usually be found in the mountains, either hiking up or skiing down.